Owning Your High School Transcript for Teens

Owning Your High School Transcript and Your Education

Presentation by Dianne McLean

If you are entering middle school this year or higher (6th grade or higher), this workshop will have important college preparation information you will not want to miss!!  Does preparing for college absolutely terrify you? Are you wondering how you are going to get ready for college? Can you – as a  homeschooled teen – even go to college? What are you going to do about transcripts? What is a transcript and how do you make one?  Getting in to college is not the same for homeschoolers as it is for students who attend accredited schools.  It’s actually easier – yes easier!  You just need to learn the language that colleges are speaking today and PREPARE EARLY.  Things are not the same as they were even 2 years ago, the admissions requirements are changing rapidly.   I have helped hundreds of homeschoolers each year apply for the toughest admissions, and they all get accepted.  As a result, I am on top of every change that is occurring in college admissions.   In this 90 minute class, we will cover everything you need to know about the latest college admissions changes and how they affect homeschoolers.  You will understand what a transcript is, why you need one (it’s not just for college), and how to complete it.  You will understand everything you need to do to prepare for college, including early preparation and eliminating redundancy in academics so you can save money and time.  You will learn how to OWN your education and have a blast doing it.  You can customize your entire high school experience and still comply with all of the requirements to get into college.  And you will learn how you can accomplish all of it with ONE checklist and your transcript!

This presentation was broadcast on June 11, 2015 during the 2015 National Home Education e-Conference. It was part of our TEEN TRACK and is now part of our member archives.  

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For the notes from this workshop, click the link below!

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Here is a copy of the transcript that I used in the presentation (just the image):



Here is a copy of the implementation list that I used in the presentation (just the image):






Dianne McLean

Dianne has been homeschooling since 2003. She has worked with thousands of homeschoolers and hundreds of homeschool groups to pioneer social activities, help form group policies with leaders, and participated in issues which affect the homeschool community as a whole. Her approach is always practical and effective. She also specializes in working with middle to high school level groups to help prepare for college entry and is familiar with the latest developments of Common Core and how it is affecting future college students. She directs a national support organization, Home Education Council of America; and has developed numerous other websites to help home educators in their efforts. Dianne has been leading online seminars, webinars, and classes online in an innovative online setting to offer live interaction no matter where you live in the world.  You can connect with her at Home Education Council of America




Dianne McLean is the director for HECOA, you will find many of her presentations throughout the website!


15 Commentsto Owning Your High School Transcript for Teens

  1. Stephanie Gee says:


    Is there a general list of options for High School courses? My last trip into the used book store there was such a plethora of books in science, I know my daughter would enjoy other options vs. the run of the mill. I figured this would also apply to english options too — since we are new, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed wading through the vendor halls and curriculum. 



    • dianne says:

      Yes – and I recently decided to add these lists to the High School and Beyond Course for the Plus members.  It’s a lot of hours of research and interpreting and typing, and with the live conference going on I can’t start it until next week.

  2. Stephanie Gee says:

    PS: Not seeing the link for the "notes" download here on the replay page.

  3. Yu-Mei Liu says:


    Enjoyed your talk, bu I don't see any links posted to access your notes.


  4. Juli Herman says:

    Hi Dianne,


    Will you be sending us the slides for this presentation too? This was very helpful! Thank you so much!

  5. Yu-Mei Liu says:


    I don't see the link on the replay page currently.  Is it because it is taken off after 24 hrs?  I did watch it earlier today.


  6. Yu-Mei Liu says:


    I am sorry to keep emailing you, but I am asking for the link to access your note, not for the access to the video, for which I have watched.  In your talk, ou said you will give the access to your note after the presentation, yet it was not posted in a timely matter as you had tried to.  You can email them to my email if you like.  Thanks.


    • dianne says:

      The links are right below the video on this page.  They were posted right after the video was posted on Thursday.  You have up there the notes, the sample transcript, and the sample implementation list.

  7. Shirley Seastrand says:

    I do not see a link below the video. I have checked back several times since the seminar, but I can't find it under the video.  


    • dianne says:

      The links were there – but they were coded only for people who have the Plus membership because the complimentary general admission replay had expired.  For today only, I removed the code so you can grab them.  Then I have to honor the people who paid for the upgrade and put it back.  So grab the downloads today please!

  8. M Santy says:

    I'm only now getting around to watching this video, thanks to having the Plus Membership.  (Yes, folks, it is very much worth it to upgrade from the Basic, Free membership!)  🙂    Dianne~ Thank you very much for this presentation and for all the notes.  Very helpful, indeed.  We appreciate everything you do.   Maria..

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