Family Chunk Clock for Homeschool

Is your schedule a mess?  Do you have difficulty trying to fit everything in?  Are your household chores going by the wayside as you try to maintain balance in homeschooling and maintaining a home?

Many of us have these challenges.  Sometimes we start off the year with a great plan, and then as we try to implement the plan it seems to fall apart.  By Christmas, we are dreading the thought of visitors as clothes are strewn all over the house and kids worksheets dominate the kitchen table.  Let's not even think about making cookies or gifts – weren't our baking utensils being used as musical instruments anyways?

For most people who write to us, lists and binders with organizers for every detail of your life generally don't work.  That is because there is something called LIFE which is real and tangible and happens.  It happens to everyone – no one is excluded from reality.  One person's reality is different than another person's reality, but the point is – everyone has reality.  And lists are not reality.  Schedules are not reality.

Reality is when your toddler climbs up onto the kitchen counter, and then falls down and smashes his nose and you need to run to urgent care.  Reality is when your child wipes his poo all over the bathroom – on the tub, on the door, on the towels and floor.  Reality is when your husband calls and says he's coming home early because he has the flu – and he NEEDS you.  Reality is when your teenager changes their mind 14 times about what to wear to the movies, and they need you to review each and every outfit while you are trying to juggle the screaming toddler and the boiling pot of macaroni on the stove.

So what do you do when reality changes your beautifully organized schedule?

Well, we have invited a highly coveted speaker to help you figure it out.  Mary Ann Johnson has generously accepted the call to participate in our 2014 Not Back to School Summit – and she delivered over and above our expectations with her amazing presentation on the Family Chunk Clock.

It's an effective tool for scheduling around tasks rather than time.  Many parents have reported back to us after the live presentation on how much this system has changed their life and the dynamics in their home.  Mary Ann was also generous in providing handouts for this presentation which you won't find anywhere else.  In addition to the presentation on the Family Chunk Clock, Mary Ann presented her incredibly powerful SPARKS webinar, and an awesome presentation geared for children ages 8-12 on taking responsibility for their own education.

Mary Ann Johnson is the President and founder of Home School Coach Limited.  She is a writer, teacher, mentor and coach. Her company focuses on teaching parents to connect with their children in simple ways and to have more confidence in their parenting through personal change. She has taught thousands of children over 40 years and helped hundreds of parents find greater satisfaction and joy in their family relationships. Mary Ann and her husband Don have seven grown children and 12 grandchildren ranging in age from 1 to 25. One thing on Mary Ann’s bucket list is to sleep in a hut on a sandy beach where warm breezes blow.  She is known for her Family Chunk Clock seminars and her Sparks! presentations.

Her seminars have now been moved to our upgraded Plus member archives and you can access them below (you will need to be logged in):

SPARKS – The Fire for Inspiration –
aired Sept. 10th –

This class will help you recognize what inspires and excites your child and then how to use that knowledge to share powerful love of learning moments with them.  When you know how to spot sparks you can then use them to help your child embark on some amazing learning adventures. Sparks are also the gateway to precious connection moments with your children. This class is designed to introduce you to the world of sparks, how to spot them and how to use them to connect with your child and inspire a love of learning.

The Family Chunk Clock
aired Sept. 18th –

Do life’s distractions get YOU off schedule? Why don’t lists and schedules work for most families?  The family chunk clock is unique because it is organized around tasks rather time. It works because it doesn’t matter if you get up late, have an emergency phone call after breakfast or just want the day off! It is powerful because it is a system designed to help you RETURN when you get off course. It works because it is about how your family time feels rather than ticking off a list of tasks.  This class will introduce you to a new, highly effective way to look at time management in a busy family.

Taking Responsibility For Your Own Education
aired Sept. 25th –

A class for youth ages 8-12 on what it looks like when you take responsibility for your own education.  Parents should attend this class with their child, however, Mary Ann's gentle and direct approach will have your child feeling like they can really take charge, and will give them the tools to do so!  At the end of this presentation, parents are given everything they need to teach this class to their children, or in co-ops or groups.






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