Math is What You Make of It

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  1. lisa wesley says:

    my son is 8 yrs old and has auditory processing and ADD. as a result, he struggles with retaining math facts. however, he excels in art and his work reflects his ability to see things in 2-d 3-d dimensional form. how can i bridge his strength of perception into math ?

  2. Rachel Clarkson says:

    Wow, thank you so much Maria and thank you so much Diane for this presentation! I have always felt I wanted to teach Maths in a natural and fun way but felt very alone and lacking a theoretical framework and resources to guide me.  Your ideas have totally changed the way I will teach Maths! I started watching your presentation while I did jobs in the kitchen but I ended up sitting at the table furiously scribbling down notes. The idea of easy complexity is just pure genius! And so many great hands on resources too – I can't wait to get surfing the internet and reading.   Thank you again.




  3. Shandra Saunders says:

    Links to the resources would be great.

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