The Well Educated Heart – Part 1 of 2

8 Commentsto The Well Educated Heart – Part 1 of 2

  1. Karolina Dembinska says:

    I believe the wrong presentation is linked here…

  2. dianne says:

    Sorry – it's the right presentation, wrong photo on the video frame.  It's been fixed.

  3. Sara Peterson says:

    This was such an amazing Presentation! Thank you so much.


  4. Diane Glasgow says:

    My children are all grown, but I'm watching the videos to help mentor younger moms. I wish I would have had this resource 25 yrs. ago.  This was an awesome presentation. I look forward to part 2.

  5. Sarah Tamiian says:

    It is only 7:45….less than 24 hours after the session- but I can't replay 🙁 

  6. Teresa Campbell says:

    How do I get access to just this video and one other? I tried replaying them during the 24 hours, but no matter how many times I tried or what browser I used, the videos just wouldn't play and now that I can finally get them to load, it's telling me that the 24 hours are over. I can't afford to pay for an upgraded membership and I'm really upset that I missed these two videos, especially considering this is part one of two. The other one that wouldn't play for me is Six Principles That Will Improve How You Communicate.

    • dianne says:

      I do remember your emails and when they came in, and have looked at your account to see what times you attempted to access the videos.  These videos are playing fine – I looked at the plays for the past 2 days and over 6000 people have played them without issue.  We try to put a disclaimer about the browser issue on all the replay pages.  Unfortunately, a browser conflict is not an issue we can resolve.  It’s a conflict between your browser and your ISP not allowing videos to stream.  It’s on your end and it looks like you did resolve it by following the instructions to switch browsers.  This video was made available for longer than the 24 hours, but we do need to honor our policy and at this point it is only available to Plus members.

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