Month: May 2015


Math Anxiety – End the Math Struggle

Math Anxiety – Tools and Tips to End the Math Struggle

Presentation by Alesia Blackwood

Math can be a subject that instills fear in children and parents alike. Learn how to end the tears. End the struggle. And end the Anxiety. Read More…

Diana Waring Retires, Speaks at HECOA

Homeschool News:  Diana Waring Retires, Speaks at HECOA Online Convention

At a spring 2015 homeschool convention in Cincinnati, Diana Waring made this public announcement:

"As of this weekend, aside from special circumstances, I am going to retire from speaking!"   

On her blog, Diana says: "After twenty-six years (27 convention seasons) as a speaker, it is time for an ending and a new beginning."

The blog post takes you on a journey from 1989 to 2015, and what a ride she has had!  One of the most Read More…

Teaching Science and the Unbreakable Bubble

What is Common Core and How Does it Affect Homeschooling

Awesome life design for teens

Homeschooling is not a hobby

Why do many homeschoolers stay in the same place?

Week after week, month after month, year after year – I see people sharing about the same frustrations over and over and over again.

Usually, these frustrations have to do with Read More…

I failed as a homeschooler my first year

I Failed as a Homeschooler My First Year – But You Can Nail It!

It’s embarrassing to admit, but when I started as a home educator, I ended my day on more than one occasion feeling like a failure because despite my best intentions, I totally blew it as a homeschooler.

And the worst part was, I felt as if I let down the people who trusted me the most – my family – because somehow, I just didn’t nail the way I was approaching the teaching.

Fast forward to the following year…. Read More…