Month: January 2015


Snowshoeing for PE

Copywork for homeschooling

How does copywork help to increase knowledge and skill?  What is copywork?

This is a fantastic tool for teaching in all subject areas.  Most people learn best by doing and repeating tasks, so at first glance copywork is merely a way to improve penmanship.  But look a little deeper and it's more than that.  And hundreds of thousands of homeschoolers are using copywork as their base for developing their own "curriculum". Read More…


10 Most Important Things about Homeschooling

We often get asked at HECOA if we can summarize what the most important tips are for new homeschoolers.  We think these tips are equally as important to remember for veteran homeschoolers, as well as those in their first few years.  Check out this list:
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Fun Valentines Day Activity for Groups

One of the most popular activities for many years when I ran our local homeschool group was our Valentine's Day party.  It was not only a fun annual event, but it got us a lot of publicity for our group.

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Is Homeschooling Legal?

The first thing any prospective homeschool parent should know is that homeschooling is legal in the United States.  There is not a state in the union which can deny a parent this constitutional right to decide which academic approach is best for their children.  However, there are certain procedures which vary within each state and homeschoolers can get into trouble if they are not sure what those procedures are. Read More…