Month: October 2014


Yummy Chocolate Unit Study

What is a Unit Study

unit study

We frequently get asked about various methodologies of home education. 
Unit Studies is one way that home educators incorporate many academic goals into one area of interest.

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Unit Study on Legos

Legos are now a legend in most households – much like tinkertoys and barbies were for many parents and even grandparents.

The purpose of a unit study is to take something your child is deeply engaged in or interested in, and incorporate lesson plans across various course subjects.  Legos can easily be utilized as a lesson in art, math, and even science (physics).  When you begin researching and the inquistion process such as:  Read More…

A New Look at Education

A New Look at Education  –  

We have an opportunity to give a unique and directed education to each of our children as individuals.  Let's explore some of the ways we can individualize and celebrate the unique gifts our children have while preparing them for the future.  Even as homeschoolers, we tend to focus more on education – that is, passing the standardized tests, completing each page in the workbook and creating rubber-stamp kids more than we do on:  Teaching them how to live, not just how to make a living. Read More…

NBTS Closing Comments

This is the recording from the closing comments of the last day of the 2014 Not Back to School Summit! If you would like to stream all of the videos from our summit, please upgrade your membership now. Read More…