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Starting New or Starting Over – A Primer For Getting it Right

Create A Family Passion for Reading

The Classical Preschool

The Classical Preschool, Building a Foundation of Wonder – 

In this workshop, participants will learn how to nurture their preschooler’s mind and soul through play in order to prepare a firm foundation for the delights and demands of a classical education. Read More…

Training Up a Child and How to Have a Clean Homeschool

Hope Chest Journey

Power of an Hour

Thomas Jefferson Education

How did Thomas Jefferson gain his education?  How is it that someone who did not have formal school become a famous statesman, diplomat, and later President of the United States of America?

Looking inside the lives of famous historical figures, we can often gain more insight into how our current public school system is a failure.  While today's institutionalized schools are set up to place children on a conveyor belt, the learning environments of past successful men were much different in that they cultivated a system of inquiry and intrigue in knowledge.

One reason Thomas Jefferson was so successful academically is that he had great mentors.  Not necessarily brilliant people, but people who sought brilliance.  Another reason could be his environment – living in a peaceful home, surrounded by a multitude of great books and opportunities to explore and learn.

You can model your homeschool after Thomas Jefferson or any other historical figure that you choose to – just spend some time learning how they gained their knowledge.

To help understand more about Thomas Jefferson and his remarkable education and life, Oliver DeMille has written a book which has helped tens of thousands of homeschoolers, entitled "A Thomas Jefferson Education".  He has generously accepted the invitation to share the teaching philosophy of what is popularly known as "TJed" with you!  Not only does he discuss what TJed is and how to apply it in your homeschool, but he gave three presentations, one of them specifically addressed to fathers.  The dads play a critical role in setting the foundation for learning in the home, and this is a must see for any family that is homeschooling.  Finally, he discusses the 5 habits of highly successful homeschoolers – and it has everything to do with mentoring children.

The presentation is included in our full series for the 2014 Not Back to School Summit – with 30 speakers and more than 65 workshops and seminars – all online!

Oliver DeMille is the founder of the highly acclaimed Thomas Jefferson Education ("TJEd") model of learning and the presenter of the online educational series Mentoring in the Classics. He and his wife Rachel are the parents of five daughters and three sons. The DeMilles’ insights are formed not only by dealing with the unique needs, learning styles and gifts in their own home, but through their experience in mentoring and consulting with schools and families on virtually every level, and around the world.

Oliver is also a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author and a popular keynote speaker at corporate and educational events. We are thrilled to have him join us in the summit!

Oliver  presented THREE amazing sessions for our Plus members as follows (you will need to be logged in to access them):

What is TJEd/Leadership Education?
Sept 11th –

You’ve heard of TJEd (Thomas Jefferson Education), which is experiencing major growth in the United States and internationally. In this workshop, Oliver DeMille addresses the 3 central ideas at the heart of TJEd and settling for nothing less than a truly great education. Knowing the 3 will increase the quality of your homeschool, whatever style you use.

Homeschooling for Dads!
Sept. 12th –

The 4 surprising things dads can do in less than 2 hours (total) a week. When dads know and do these 4 things, it makes a huge difference in the education of each child! Every dad needs to know them!

The 5 Habits of Highly Successful Homeschoolers
Sept. 13th –

There are many types of homeschooling, and each family ideally individualizes what is needed for each child. But there are 5 habits that are simply essential if you want your kids to get a truly excellent education. These habits are used by people from many different styles of homeschooling, and without them any homeschool struggles. Learn what they are and how to apply them in this exciting mini-seminar! These 5 Habits will revolutionize the quality of your homeschool, making it both easier and much more effective.







Am I Smart Enough to Homeschool?

Are you afraid that you are not smart enough to homeschool your children?  Do you think that only certified teachers have your child's best interest at heart?  Is your mind filled with doubts about your abilities?

There are millions of homeschoolers in this country – only a very, very small fraction of them have a teaching degree.  And one has to wonder why someone who went to college and got a teaching degree, decided against sending their children to the very institutions that they, the parent, studied to be a part of.

Additionally, only a very, very small fraction of homeschooled kids who want to go to college don't get in.  Most homeschoolers consistently score above their public school peers in college preparation exams.  At Home Education Council of America, one of our special areas of expertise is helping families with planning for college and career.  And it does not require the parent to have any kind of college background to achieve this goal!

Everything you need – from curriculum to social outlets to creative hands-on lesson ideas, is available at your fingertips.  What you cannot find online is something that is within you as the parent – which is heart and purpose.

True education begins with heart – and no one has more of a vested interest in your child than you do as the parent.  With heart and purpose, anyone can homeschool.  All you need are those two foundational basics – heart and purpose – and the rest can fall into place quite nicely.

In all the millions of homeschool families today, very few had a perfect homeschool when they began.  There will be a trial and error period as you adjust to this new way of life.  Afterall, many new homeschoolers were conditioned to function according to the public school model – which has consistently failed since its inception.  But many will agree that, if there is to be a trial and error period, it's better to have it at home than in the hands of an institution which is focused on test scores.

To help you understand more of how to build a solid foundation from the beginning, Greg Denning has stepped forward to lead a 2-part workshop.  This was held during our month of the 2014 Not Back to School Summit – with 30 speakers and over 65 homeschool topics.

Greg was out on his own at the age of sixteen. The following years were tough, with hard life lessons about what matters and what doesn't, and how to create a life worth living. With grit and a clear vision of the life he wanted to build, Greg was able to graduate college, serve a mission for his church and marry the woman of his dreams. Together they have six incredible children, whom they homeschool and have traveled with to twelve countries (and counting); worked with leprosy affected in India; started a non-profit organization teaching self-reliance principles in Guatemala; explored beaches and ruins in Mexico and Central America; and driven overland from Alaska to Panama. The Dennings are always on the lookout for a new escapade, are incredibly passionate about education and believe raising a family is the greatest adventure in the world. They currently live in Costa Rica.

Greg's two workshops were free for the live sessions, but now have been moved to our upgraded Plus member archives.  You can log in and stream them for an unlimited time:

How to create a homeschool methodology that actually works and get results that matter –
aired Sept. 19th, 2014

Parents are so focused on short term results — covering every subject, in the right order for the child's grade level, making sure they pass the tests, and don't fall behind their peers — that they're stressed out, frustrated and ready to send their kids back to school. Something’s not working right. What parents need is to create a homeschool methodology that actually works, and produces results that really matter (hint: it has nothing to do with test scores).
What Every Parent Ought to Know About Homeschooling Their Child (2 parts)
both parts are on this page:

In this 2-part workshop, you will learn:

1. Am I Smart Enough to Homeschool My Child?

2. Am I Using the Right Curriculum?

3. Am I Inadvertently Teaching Confusion?

4. Will My Child Be Socially Inept?

5. How Can I Maintain Stamina & Sanity?
Greg will expound by talking about the principles of creating a solid homeschool environment, one that inspires learning and character development, providing a real solid view of the 'big picture' (with actionable steps) — something that parents need a good reminder of, especially at the start of a new school year.



Homegrown Preschoolers

Is the thought of homeschooling preschool daunting for you?

Here at Home Education Council of America, we get a constant flood of inquiries about teaching preschool.  And we've got to say that the many philosophies and methods can be as varied as the individual personalities of children themselves!

So where do you start?  How do you know which method or style is right for you or your child?  Where do you find materials?  How do you organize the learning space to maximize interest and creativity?  How do you give your child the "best" start?

These are just a few of the many questions we receive.  So we have invited Kathy Lee and Lesli Richards, two very experienced moms, to come and share with you the answers!!

Kathy H. Lee, author of The Homegrown Preschooler, 101 Easy Wacky Crazy Activities and Solutions for Early Childhood Directors, has been dedicated to the well-being of young children for over 25 years. As a former administrator and teacher, Kathy has extensive experience in the field of early childhood education. She is the homeschooling mother of seven children, both bio and adopted and enjoys sharing her journey of motherhood. A sought after speaker worldwide, Kathy is most often described as a passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable presenter. Kathy and her husband John live with their seven blessings in Canton, GA.

Lesli Richards is a humorous and engaging author and speaker with a decade of experience in homeschooling. She is the co-author of The Homegrown Preschooler with Kathy Lee. She was the keynote speaker for Classical Conversations Parent Practicums for 2011. Lesli is currently Director of Challenge B for Classical Conversations of Cumming, Georgia. She enjoys teaching her 5 children at home, and is passionate about encouraging other moms to learn right along with their kids, redeeming two generations of education at the same time!

We think you will find their presentations awesome!  This was all part of HECOA's  series – the 2014 Not Back to School Summit

The webinar replays of their presentations are now available for upgraded Plus members (you need to be logged in);

Kathy's workshop:

The Homegrown Preschooler –
aired Sept. 27th –

In this fun and creative workshop, Kathy shares how to create an amazing preschool experience for your child at home. From the latest in scientific research on child development to the organization of supplies, this information packed workshop will help you prepare your child for kindergarten and make wonderful memories along the way! This seminar is based on the book, The Homegrown Preschooler written by Kathy Lee and Lesli Richards.

Lesli's workshop:

The Classical Preschool, Building a Foundation of Wonder –
aired Sept 27th –

In this workshop, participants will learn how to nurture their preschooler’s mind and soul through play in order to prepare a firm foundation for the delights and demands of a classical education.

To register, all you need to do is register for the FREE and ONLINE summit and you will get these awesome sessions as well as 70 others, all in September!