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The powers of laughter sense of humor and play

5 Social Lessons Every Child Must Know

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Mind Power Mentoring

Homeschooling Through High School and Beyond Course

Learning to Communicate Through Improvisation and Play

Teens – Being Positive May be Easier Than You Think

Being Positive May Be Easier Than We Think – For teens and their parents

Presentation by Dr. Sanford Danziger 

This eye-opening workshop allows people to see that we can influence and control our attitudes and emotions—much more than we may have realized. It is fast-paced, entertaining, humorous—and very interactive.  Read More…

Family Simulations – Learning by Doing

Family Simulations: Learning by Doing – 
Education at home is not just about teaching children. It’s about the whole family learning, changing and experiencing life in a new way. Simulations are more than “pretend play” and are for the whole family. Instead of just reading about things why not experience it as a family? Read More…

Taking Responsibility for your own Education

Teaching Self Government for Homeschool Success