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High school planning starts early for success

We get dozens of emails every week asking the same question:  When is the best time to start planning for high school?
If I only had 20 seconds to tell you the most important thing about homeschooling through high school, it would be to tell you to plan early!  As a matter of fact, for the most optimum stress-free and beneficial experience – I would say Read More…

How to Homeschool Thru High School Seminar

Is the thought of homeschooling through high school causing you anxiety? 

Well don't despair – our host has been assisting hundreds of homeschoolers each year to successfully complete the task.  She graduated her own kids with honors and initially had all the doubts and jitters that most parents have, such as:

Will I hold my child back?  What about the high school "experience" (prom, sports, plays, etc)? How can I be sure the transcript is correct?  What do they need to get into college?  Am I smart enough to give them what they need?  What will this cost me?  

NOTE:  This webinar is completed, we are no longer taking registration for this webinar.  

You can register for the 12 week course here: