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Common Core: Truth and Fiction

Homeschool 101 – a brief synopsis

Parents who are seeking better academic opportunities for their children are growing ever-weary of waiting for the states to clean up and repair the broken public school system.   The recent addition of Common Core and all the dumbing down of curriculum has added mountains of concern. So it is no doubt that home education is a rapidly growing movement in the United States. 

There are three main points to understand in order to get started with homeschooling Read More…

Is Homeschooling Tax Deductible

As more and more families move toward home education, the variety of individual economic challenges also increases.  Many people look at the cost of purchasing curriculum, paying for online courses, and even basic supplies such as pencils, pens, paper, binders and notebooks, craft and art supplies, etc. to be daunting.  The biggest question they have is: Are my homeschool expenses tax deductible? Read More…

Is Homeschooling Legal?

The first thing any prospective homeschool parent should know is that homeschooling is legal in the United States.  There is not a state in the union which can deny a parent this constitutional right to decide which academic approach is best for their children.  However, there are certain procedures which vary within each state and homeschoolers can get into trouble if they are not sure what those procedures are. Read More…

Help I’m Homeschooling

Help for Todays Education Refugees

Have you been thrown into homeschooling and don't know where to start?

Tens of thousands of new families are facing the task of providing education at home for their children this year.  They are joining the millions of families who have already taken on the responsibility of teaching their children.  And many are really struggling with how to begin, what curriculum to choose, whether to choose a curriculum at all, and how to structure their day and their new life.

Some are refugees – fleeing from a system that is in the depths of its final dark turning, and others have faced specific challenges with learning disabilities, bullying, or economic circumstances which have made them rethink education.

Whatever your circumstance, Home Education Council of America is here to help you.  We provide a multitude of resources for our members to help with lesson planning, organization, choosing curriculum, special needs, social outlets, and more.

To help with this year's influx of "refugees", HECOA has put together an amazing  conference – the 2014 Not Back to School Summit – with 30 experts and speakers and more than 65 sessions on homeschooling and parenting.

One of our fascinating speakers was Marie-Claire Moreau, a veteran homeschool parent and a recognized advisor, coach, and mentor to homeschooling families across the country.  Having homeschooled preschoolers through high schoolers who have attended college, Dr. Moreau devotes her efforts to empowering other parents to do the same.  The author of homeschool articles and books, Marie-Claire specializes in supporting families who find themselves homeschooling unexpectedly; those with little time for preparation; and is perhaps best known for speaking to the hearts of parents homeschooling under difficult or unusual circumstances.   Marie-Claire provides resources, information, encouragement and support to families raising the next generation of scholars via home education, through her website:

Marie's free live presentation has ended, but the webinar replay is available for upgraded members (you will need to be logged in):

"Help! I'm Homeschooling!"  –
aired Sept. 20th –

Today’s homeschoolers aren't the same as the pioneers of the past.  Modern families turn to homeschooling for lots of different reasons.  In this talk, Marie-Claire paints a modern picture of homeschooling and describes the compelling reasons why families choose homeschooling in the 21st century.  Hear how homeschooling can be successful in all kinds of families — those with single or working parents, those where children have additional needs, homes where homeschooling may be just a temporary solution, and even in families where homeschooling is a last resort.  Reluctant homeschool parents will be led to understand ways to incorporate home education into extraordinarily busy lives, or under sometimes extraordinary circumstances.  Based on Dr. Moreau's 20+ year homeschooling experience and consulting with families from across the country, participants will leave the seminar feeling more equipped and ready to establish a legal homeschool in no time flat.





Common Core Video Lesson

What is Common Core? How does it affect you? Who is behind it? What are all the details?

There is so much information swimming around about Common Core, you can read our article here or watch the following videos from the "Stop Common Core" organization – but they give good, factual information so we thought we'd share it with you (there are 5 videos):


Video 1



Video 2


Video 3


Video 4


Video 5


For more information, visit their website at