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Time Hacks for Homeschool Moms

Five Life Principles to Improve Yourself and Your Family

Follow the Leader

Math Anxiety – End the Math Struggle

Math Anxiety – Tools and Tips to End the Math Struggle

Presentation by Alesia Blackwood

Math can be a subject that instills fear in children and parents alike. Learn how to end the tears. End the struggle. And end the Anxiety. Read More…

Homeschooling is not a hobby

Why do many homeschoolers stay in the same place?

Week after week, month after month, year after year – I see people sharing about the same frustrations over and over and over again.

Usually, these frustrations have to do with Read More…

Spy Themed Activities

In honor of our upcoming E-Conference (click here to find out more), we have put together a collection from across the web of Mission Possible-Inspired activities and adventures for kids, groups, and families! Read More…

How to Keep Homeschool Afloat with Life Struggles

Starting New or Starting Over – A Primer For Getting it Right