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Mind Power Mentoring

Learning to Communicate Through Improvisation and Play

Making Math Fun

Some people have a game for everything.  Cooking up make believe games for learning the stock market, or designing hopscotch with current events, they seem to be able to invent cool ways to learn on the fly with seemingly no help from anyone.

But not all of us are so quick-witted, even though we would love to be able to turn any moment in time into a learning opportunity.  The one subject most of us have difficulty with is math.  So here are some ideas to help you be the envy of your homeschool co-op: Read More…

Kids in the Kitchen – Whats for Lunch

What’s for Lunch?

Homeschoolers are learning all the time and lunch is an excellent opportunity for teaching kids, when many won’t even realize they are learning!

Cooking opens up creativity.  All of the senses are challenged in the kitchen – taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing.  Through participation in the smallest of kitchen tasks to the multi-step family meal, kids can learn an enormous skill which will serve them throughout their lives. Read More…

Family Simulations – Learning by Doing

Family Simulations: Learning by Doing – 
Education at home is not just about teaching children. It’s about the whole family learning, changing and experiencing life in a new way. Simulations are more than “pretend play” and are for the whole family. Instead of just reading about things why not experience it as a family? Read More…

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