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Exploring Nature In Your Own Backyard

Local Heroes: Fire Fighters

The Jelly Belly Factory

Field Trips – An Essential Component of Homeschooling

Groups vs Coops Blueprint for success

Groups versus Co-ops – The Blueprint for Success in Your Community!

Presentation by Dianne McLean

This presentation is for group and co-op leaders, and those who want to be a group or co-op leader.

Do you know the difference between a homeschool group and a homeschool co-op?  Are you trying to infuse the two and having little success?  What makes a group an essential part of homeschooling?  And what makes a co-op work?  More importantly, why do some co-ops fail?  How do you effectively serve people of diverse backgrounds, interests, and needs?  How do you handle conflict within your group?  How do you legally set up a co-op?  What if you don't get good attendance?  I've spent over a decade training group leaders and co-op leaders, effecting positive change for thousands of homeschoolers.  There IS a difference between the two concepts, but the two really CAN work together.  In this workshop, I will present some tips and techniques to get your group or co-op started (or re-started the right way) and help you to truly serve your local homeschool community with everything they want and be wildly successful.  You will learn where to go to get the best group/co-op resources as well. Get the blueprint for success! Read More…

Teens – Being Positive May be Easier Than You Think

Being Positive May Be Easier Than We Think – For teens and their parents

Presentation by Dr. Sanford Danziger 

This eye-opening workshop allows people to see that we can influence and control our attitudes and emotions—much more than we may have realized. It is fast-paced, entertaining, humorous—and very interactive.  Read More…

Snowshoeing for PE


Fun Valentines Day Activity for Groups

One of the most popular activities for many years when I ran our local homeschool group was our Valentine's Day party.  It was not only a fun annual event, but it got us a lot of publicity for our group.

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Indoor Fun and Games

Snowed In?

Imagine that it’s below freezing for the eighteenth day in a row, and you nearly throw your remote control at the TV when the weather reporter cheerfully announces that the arctic air mass over your state is going to stay put indefinitely. The kids have energy to burn and have just asked if they can bring their baseballs and bat inside if they promise to be very careful. Quick – you need some fun – and nondestructive – indoor games! Read More…