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Binder Builder Season 1 Replays

Spy Themed Activities

In honor of our upcoming E-Conference (click here to find out more), we have put together a collection from across the web of Mission Possible-Inspired activities and adventures for kids, groups, and families! Read More…

Is Middle School a Waste of Time?

Three years.  That's how long middle school is.  By the time a child reaches middle school, they typically have a pretty firm foundation in grammar and vocabulary, sentence structure, and the basics of writing an essay.  Especially with today's "new" teaching methods. Read More…

What is Folklore – great for unit studies

So what exactly is folklore and how do I teach it?  

Folklore is a method of storytelling which is generally passed down from one generation to another and includes one or more of the following elements: Read More…

Family Simulations – Learning by Doing

Family Simulations: Learning by Doing – 
Education at home is not just about teaching children. It’s about the whole family learning, changing and experiencing life in a new way. Simulations are more than “pretend play” and are for the whole family. Instead of just reading about things why not experience it as a family? Read More…

One Soldiers Story – A Tennessean in World War II

Financial Freedom Creates Political Autonomy

Reaching the Reluctant Writer


Opposing Viewpoints in Science