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The Well Educated Heart – Part 2 of 2

The Well Educated Heart – Part 1 of 2

Math You Understand

Using Travel to enhance your childrens understanding of the World

Turn your kitchen into a classroom

Math Anxiety – End the Math Struggle

Math Anxiety – Tools and Tips to End the Math Struggle

Presentation by Alesia Blackwood

Math can be a subject that instills fear in children and parents alike. Learn how to end the tears. End the struggle. And end the Anxiety. Read More…

Top 10 Ways to Engage Students in Writing

Top 10 Ways to Engage Students in Writing at Every Grade Level! 

Presentation by Steven Spivey

One of the toughest subjects for a homeschool parent to teach is writing. In this action packed, interactive workshop, Steven will give you hands-on proven techniques for teaching writing that you can immediately implement to make a difference in your student(s) writing today! Read More…

Grammar Games

Teaching grammar is a subject many homeschooling parents struggle with. 

Just how important is it that a child learn exactly what a direct object is, or how to identify a prepositional phrase? Read More…

Spy Themed Activities

In honor of our upcoming E-Conference (click here to find out more), we have put together a collection from across the web of Mission Possible-Inspired activities and adventures for kids, groups, and families! Read More…

The Well Educated Heart Intro