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Exploring Nature In Your Own Backyard

Local Heroes: Fire Fighters

Spy Themed Activities

In honor of our upcoming E-Conference (click here to find out more), we have put together a collection from across the web of Mission Possible-Inspired activities and adventures for kids, groups, and families! Read More…

The Spark Station

Kids in the Kitchen – Whats for Lunch

What’s for Lunch?

Homeschoolers are learning all the time and lunch is an excellent opportunity for teaching kids, when many won’t even realize they are learning!

Cooking opens up creativity.  All of the senses are challenged in the kitchen – taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing.  Through participation in the smallest of kitchen tasks to the multi-step family meal, kids can learn an enormous skill which will serve them throughout their lives. Read More…

Lapbooking as a Tool for Learning

What is lapbooking?

As home educators, we continuously look for fun and creative ways for our children to express to us what they have learned.  Rather than a multiple choice exam, a lapbook is one way to accomplish more in-depth explanation from the child.  Reteaching is one of the best ways for anyone to learn, and with lapbooks, children can use an interesting visual tool that they created themselves to reteach any topic. Read More…

What is Folklore – great for unit studies

So what exactly is folklore and how do I teach it?  

Folklore is a method of storytelling which is generally passed down from one generation to another and includes one or more of the following elements: Read More…

Unit Study on Pirates

If you have been following our series on unit studies, you know by now that you can take ANY topic of interest and use it as a jumping off point to incorporate reading, writing, vocabulary, math, science, and history.  You can add in art, music, and many creative subjects as well.  For some topics, you can even include physical education.

To read up on the logistics of what a unit study is, visit this link:

Now – let's get to the topic of this post – pirates! Read More…

Yummy Chocolate Unit Study

Unit Study on Legos

Legos are now a legend in most households – much like tinkertoys and barbies were for many parents and even grandparents.

The purpose of a unit study is to take something your child is deeply engaged in or interested in, and incorporate lesson plans across various course subjects.  Legos can easily be utilized as a lesson in art, math, and even science (physics).  When you begin researching and the inquistion process such as:  Read More…