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Homeschooling with Autistic Children

Do you feel like every day is Autism Awareness day in your house?  Many parents feel this way. Rebecca Ruiz, past member of the Special Needs Advisory Board for HECOA says, "It feels even more so because we are homeschooling."

When you first take your autistic child out of public school you might feel scared and doubtful as Rebecca did, afraid that you might fail them. Read More…

Beating Reading Difficulties

by Judy Waitley, past board member of HECOA Special Needs Advisory Board

Approximately 10 million children in the United States alone suffer from reading disabilities.  Not only does this affect their ability to learn to read but it affects every area of their lives.  Out of the 10 million children that are diagnosed with reading disabilities, Read More…

Homeschooling Special Needs Conference

The dates for the 2015 HECOA Special Needs Conference are:  December 1-5, 2015

What is the cost?  Who can attend? How do I register?

You can join HECOA's Basic Membership for FREE and attend this conference for free during December 1-5, 2015.  Anyone who is home educating or contemplating home education is welcome to our membership.  Although the name of our organization has "America" in it, we have thousands of members from all over the world.  So if you do not live in the U.S., you are still welcome to join and attend.

Where do I find the live sessions?

Live sessions do not begin until December 1st.  All members will receive email notifications about the sessions, and you will be able to access them from your member dashboard.

What if I miss it? How do I catch the replays?

You can join HECOA's PLUS membership and have complete access to over 150 replays of sessions from all our online conferences for a full year. 


Reading Strategies for the Non Reader